INNER JOURNEYS uses the natural laws of healing to provide tools, techniques, and handmade products that enable personal transformation and healing on all levels. These techniques can be experienced through individual or group sessions, Sister Circles, workshops and lectures.


Sheila Quarles’s successful sales career was interrupted by a serious accident resulting in a brain injury. She was diagnosed as functionally disabled and therefore unemployable. She immediately began to investigate natural healing and alternative treatments and that search led her to Kathy Morris, who inspired her to heal. “Kathy’s gifts as a healer have demonstrated that miracles are possible.”

Sheila states, “The healings I have witnessed and experienced compelled me to develop additional programs for INNER JOURNEYS. These programs teach and send the message that healing is possible and love is all there is.”

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  • Himalayan Salt Lamps and Candle Holders
  • Bath Salts & Edible Salt
  • Books and CD’s
  • Incense



Kathy Morris is a healer, mystic, writer, and poet. After unearthing devastating memories of childhood sexual abuse, Kathy began a determined search for wholeness. In that search, she acquired a broad knowledge of universal and spiritual laws, nutrition, past lives, space clearing, vibration energy healing, the art of placement, world spiritual traditions and a myriad of healing techniques. Through individual and group sessions, Ms. Morris has impacted the quality of life of people around the world.

“It takes courage to heal.”

She has just released her first CD, Inner Journey, The Birth of a Poet. This collection of provocative healing love poems is read to music composed by Stephen Wise-Katriel. The book is available online. Click here to order.

inner journeys cd
Kathy strikes a cord deep within us with her poems. Her words resonate with a heartfelt passion. Kathy has a gift for capturing glimpses of our own inner journeys. She brings us into her world allowing us to relate to deeply personal desires, fears, and passions that are universally understood.   

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